Tech Central

Media Team is a tech expo company that hosts high-profile events from expositions to award ceremonies.

Their website is an information-rich online destination delivering daily news, regular blogs and more. TechCentral was one of the first brands to work with us on a podcast when the aptly named Tech Radio started in 2006.

Initially it was a way of demonstrating their brand involvement in emerging technology. Today it has grown to be a central voice within the Irish tech industry.

The show is presented using a seasoned broadcaster working with the editor of the web publication as  a co-host. The combination delivers a professional flow combined with the editors expert knowledge.

This is a leading example of our broadcast quality podcast standard as the show is also aired weekly on RTE Radio One Extra.

Key Results

Custom intro and audio branding perfectly fits the presenter scripts. Host, co-host and guest were all recorded remotely.
The weekly frequency has developed a natural rapport between hosts. It also allows for greater speed in producing the show, resulting in superb economy of scale.

Client Feedback

“As a tech expo company, we got into podcasting early for ‘bragging rights’ but we soon discovered it was an excellent networking tool because guests interviewed are often interacting with us for the first time. 

It also serves as a great platform for promoting our live and virtual events and we work with sponsors on some episodes and this helps cover some of our costs, so that’s a “win-win” for everyone”

John McDonald
Managing Director

This is a great example of how a regular show can deliver astonishing value.

Each week, we produce the main podcast, with a mix out for RTE Radio and a further edit for YouTube content. We can do this because the weekly format has created a system which ‘works itself’.

Presenter training and in-house preproduction has made this a real partnership with Tech Central. It allows them to do twice as much for half the effort. It works brilliantly, touching their audience every single week. 

  • Concept Development
  • Audio Branding Package
  • Training for Client Host
  • Supply of Professional Co-Host
  • Registration with Podcast Platforms
  • Podcast Pre-Production
  • Scripting/Running Order
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Show Notes
  • Hosting Publishing to Apple/Spotify
  • Publishing to YouTube
  • Project Management


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