Nine Ways Podcasts Work for Brands

Radio listening is falling but podcasts are growing and you control the programme. Here are just a few ways brands are winning with podcasts.


#1 Reason You Need to Start a Podcast

The internet today is all about engagement and earning people’s trust. There is no better way to earn trust than with your voice. It’s a very personal and authentic way for people to connect with your company or brand. You may be heard by thousands, but to the listener it’s just you and them. Put simply, podcasting is the best way to scale intimacy.

#2 Engagement is Incredible

People tend to listen to most or all of a podcast episode. This can be for thirty minutes or more. In addition, they usually listen alone and very often using headphones. In a world of five second video views and thirty character Google ads, this level of engagement is exceptional.  

Many clients work with us because they want this deeper engagement, giving leads and customers a fuller understanding of their product or service and developing brand loyalty.

You will see a number of interesting keywords jump out of our client testimonials. These include “attention”, “networking”, “awareness”, “engaging”, “sharing”, “connection” and “human”. These are the benefits of a podcast for your business or brand.

#3 Delivers Brand Authority

The second most cited reason brands work with us. They want to become the voice of their industry and have the authority and trust which comes with that. 

You have knowledge and expertise within your sector. When you yourself, or your team members, speak knowledgeably on your topic, you build brand and personal authority.  Add interviews with other experts within your sector and that brand authority multiples because everyone wants to be on your show.

A great podcast creates a personal, human connection. As a professional podcast producer, we know this from our radio backgrounds, from market research and also directly from the feedback we receive from our clients.

#4 Thought Leadership

People listen to podcasts to learn things and to be inspired. The knowledge you are sharing gives them valuable insights, ideas, and perspectives that can inspire them to think differently and take action in new ways. In this role as a thought leader, you have the ability to influence and shape the conversation in your industry.

#5 Unique Networking Tool

Podcasting is not just about the audience. A number of our clients use podcasts as a unique networking tool. By inviting key guests on to the podcast, they are making new connections in a more social way. These connections often turn into new business.  

One podcast interview per week will help you build relationships with 52 ideal partners or prospects. Do you believe 52 new relationships would grow your business?

#6 Podcasts are Popular

The demand for good-quality targeted podcasts is growing exponentially. Apple, Spotify, and Google make it easier than ever for everyone to discover podcasts in seconds and listen immediately on all devices.

In Ireland, 41% of people listen regularly with over 30% listening to five or more podcasts every single week. Equal to ‘entertainment’ people listen to learn something or educate themselves which is why there are podcasts on every conceivable topic. If you’re not podcasting, listeners will have no chance to find you.

The vast majority of our clients are not seeking to create a number 1 hit podcast. The real power of branded podcasts is the opportunity to connect with and engage the right audience for your company, brand, or organisation.

#7 Multitasking

Anyone in marketing knows attention spans for reading are decreasing. This is due to the sheer volume of text messages, emails and social media posts that hit us from the moment we wake up each morning. A podcast gives your eyes and rest, and your ears a treat.

People tend to multitask while they engage with podcasts. The most popular are walking, household chores and communing. 

From a brand point of view, you can also multitask, as podcasts are amazing content generators with spin-off audio headliners, video clips, quote cards, summary posts and more all created from just one podcast recording. 

#8 Gift that Keeps on Giving

Every time you create a new episode for your podcast, that shouldn’t be the end. Relevant and engaging content can, and should be re-purposed to reach wider audiences (such as creating snippets and sharing teasers on your social media feeds). 

In addition, we often advise our clients to produce podcasts that have a long shelf life, so they remain relevant for months or even years after the first release. 

As a hypothetical example. an accountancy firm could create a series of podcasts about setting up a new business. They can then direct prospective clients to listen to this over and over again for years into the future. If some of the information needed to be updated (perhaps due to a legislative change), only that part of the podcast would need to be amended or edited out. It’s certainly much quicker and easier to do that with audio than it is to re-shoot part of a video or re-print written materials.

#9 Podcasts are Cost Effective

Production costs of a broadcast quality podcast are lower than those of arranging seminars, producing a glossy video explainer or even straight advertising on Linkedin.  Internally, when we break it down into cost-per-listen, it far outweighs the cost of any CPC ad campaign.


Yet the podcast delivers higher engagement levels, will work for you over a long time attracting new listeners well after they are released and act as a terrific base for repurposing content on other channels.

You can even use sponsorship to have it pay for itself. Two of our clients have occasional sponsored episodes which pays for the podcast production all year round. 


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