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We are a team of award-winning national radio producers who specialise in branded podcasts.

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Global Shares

For us, podcasting has worked as a very human way to explain our financial products. It’s also become an unexpected way to reach people outside the office as they listen at the gym or commuting. We will absolutely be doing more!
Global Head of Marketing

Bridgestone Tyres

We wanted to connect with new audiences outside of traditional media. DustPod delivered a top line podcast, presented by two leading motoring journalists, and with a newspaper tie-in. The whole project beat our expectations, delivered value and brought us a brand new audience.
Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Trinity College

We’ve done several series now of ADAPT Radio and it just gets better. Thank you for making everyone feel relaxed and sounding great on the finished episodes. It has really helped spread the word of our work around the global science community.
Communications and Marketing Manager
Aine Bonner Global Shares
Colm Conyngham Bridgestone 2023
Olivia Waters Adapt Centre

How a Podcast Will Benefit Your Brand

Discover why companies, brands and organisations are podcasting including many reasons from our own clients.

Discover why “no topic is too niche”, how podcasting results in profitable conversations and more.

How to Make a Podcast 2023

Creating a podcast in-house is very achievable and something you can accomplish alone or with some help from your team.

To help you avoid some of the common pitfalls, we share how to get set up for a podcast, what technology to use and how you can create a winning podcast in 2022.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about branded podcasts so you can consider if it is right for you. The call is complimentary and without obligation. At the end of if you will know:

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