Engineers Ireland

Engineers Ireland is the voice of the engineering profession in Ireland. They have 25,000 members who are a community of creative professionals delivering sustainable solutions for society.

While content through the organisation’s ‘Engineers Journal’ is excellent, it is print led which misses a certain human connection. Engineers Ireland wanted to created this connection and inspire members to advance their careers. 

The Engineers Ireland ‘Amplified’ podcasts lifts the voices of the engineering community from long, written articles and turns them into engaging and thought-provoking one-on-one and group discussions.

The podcast features interviews with CEO’s of major, multinational engineering companies, whose experience and success drives listeners to engage with CPD Continuing Professional Development programs with Engineers Ireland.

Key Results

This sample starts with one of our more extreme recordings where the guest (Greg) is in a car. Despite the challenge, you would never know.

This demonstrates the flexibility of podcasting for connecting with hard-to-get guests.
The sample showcases three different interviews plus the podcast intro and outro. 

Client Feedback

Donal Hanlon Engineers

“CEO’s sharing their experience and career paths has encouraged our members to pursue CPD courses with us and advance their own careers. The online recording system was great for getting guests who are either under time pressure or based in other cities. These remote interviews, which would otherwise be impossible, sounded as good as anything on radio. In addition, DustPod co-ordinated the process from recording through to delivery in a seamless manner.”

Donal Hanlon
Marketing & Strategic Projects Principal
Engineers Ireland

After a brief email introduction, DustPod arranges recordings and conducts pre-interviews direct with each CEO.

Our producer uses a mix of research, pre-interviews to prepare questions for the host along with expected answers.

Recordings are supervised by our professional producers, who ensure guests feel relaxed before recording so they can sit back and enjoy a great conversation.

Each interview is approximately 1 hour with around 4 hours of editing afterwards. This includes removing ums/ers, unnatural pauses etc without losing any natural flow or essential information. There may be around 300 edits per show, but you won’t hear any of them!


  • Concept Development
  • Signature Music
  • Supply of Host
  • Registration with Apple/Spotify
  • Podcast Pre-Production
  • Guest Lineup/Preparation
  • Scripting/Running Order
  • Recording
  • Editing, Mixing & Mastering
  • Show Notes
  • Transcription for SEO
  • Video Highlight Promo
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Hosting & Technical
  • Publishing to Apple/Spotify
  • Project Management


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