CarePlus Pharmacy

CarePlus Pharmacy is Ireland’s fastest growing independent retail pharmacy group. Launched in Cork in 2015, a CarePlus Pharmacy can now be found in most key towns and counties across Ireland.


Why They Wanted a Podcast

When CarePlus Brand Director LeeAnn Hyland became pregnant for the first time, she couldn’t find what she was looking for in a podcast. That was real people talking openly about becoming a first-time mum.


What We Created

Working with LeeAnn, we created Care + Conversations, which is a masterclass in branded podcasting.

It started with an excellent idea that is of genuine interest to a section of the brand’s current and future customers. The idea fully complemented the existing ‘CarePlus Baby Club’ and aligned with the brand’s commitment to “deliver expert advice.”

We had to talk LeeAnn into hosting the podcast and we were right! Her passion for the subject shines through with 100% credibility.

CarePlus promoted the podcast with a full above-the-line hero image on their website home page. Due to great SEO created by the podcast content, it was easily found on Google, Spotify or Apple Podcasts just by searching ‘CarePlus podcast’.



The podcast went to #1 on the Apple Podcast Chart. It created a real point of difference for the brand and was a talking point for staff, customers & suppliers. It also generated considerable publicity in the national press plus targeted websites including and

It has also become an award winner, gaining Silver at the DMA Digital Media Awards 2023.


Key Results

This sample includes a narrative style trailer with brand voiceover and call-to-action.
Its followed by three samples including unexpected things to take to hospital with you, baby sleep on holidays and and a warts-and-all experience of the first few weeks with baby in Germany.

Client Feedback

LeeAnn Hyland CarePlus

“A super talented team. I can’t thank you enough for making this one of the most enjoyable work projects I have ever worked on. Delighted with hitting No.1 on Apple Podcasts and all the feedback we have received so far.”

LeeAnn Hyland
Director of Marketing
CarePlus Pharmacy

Training on how to use a professional microphone, structure interview questions, some practice sessions and encouragement, gave LeeAnn the confidence to sound entirely at home hosting the podcast.

LeeAnn and all guests were recorded from their homes or offices using our state-of-the-art online recording software, plus audio enhancements of the quality in post-production.

All of the recording sessions were supervised by our professional producers who ensured each guest felt relaxed and comfortable before recording. The producer looked after all the technical elements leaving LeeAnn and the guest to enjoy a great conversation.

We recorded approximately 1 hour of audio for each episode with between 4 and 6 hours editing afterwards. This included removing ums/ers, unnatural pauses etc without losing any natural flow or essential information. Each episode contains around 200-300 edits. However, thanks to our world-class producers, you won’t hear any of them!

Each episode was carefully mixed and mastered with custom ‘audio branding’ to give each episode a professional opening and closing sequence.

  • Concept Development

  • Audio Branding Package

  • Intro/Outro

  • Signature Music

  • Training for Host

  • Registration with Apple/Spotify
  • Podcast Pre-Production

  • Guest Lineup/Preparation

  • Scripting/Running Order

  • Recording

  • Editing, Mixing & Mastering

  • Show Notes

  • Transcription for SEO

  • Video Highlight Promo

  • Hosting & Technical
  • Publishing to Apple/Spotify

  • Project Management

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