A world-leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions. Headquartered in Stockholm, they have 5,200 employees at 31 manufacturing sites, 6 major R&D centres across Sweden, Asia and the USA, plus sales offices around the world.

Camfil is passionate about clean air. 

While it sounds like a simple topic, there is a lot to it from the science of particles in the air, the technology behind high-end filters and numerous factors in air filter setups including power, maintenance, durability and more.

Science can be blinding so Camfil wanted to communicate the passion of what they do, in a simple human way without getting too involved with technical details.   They wanted to share this, not just with clients, but also with their large workforce spread across many skill sets in many locations globally.

We created Let’s Talk Clean Air a short monthly podcast which speaks informally with clients, experts and staff. 

The podcast is short enough not to be considered ‘work’ and fits in nicely with a daily commute or lunch at the desk.  It shares success stories of clients and staff about how clean air improves worker and equipment productivity,  minimises energy use and benefits human health and the environment. 

Key Results

While everyone sounds like they are at Camfil HQ in Sweden, they’re actually in Dublin (presenter), Singapore (Jayant) and Bejing (Chen Xin)

Client Feedback

“We wanted a way to give people a deeper understanding of what we do and how we help. Our choice was between a video explainer or a podcast series. We chose a podcast which got the information across in a very natural way with excellent attention levels. It got a great response from clients and also from our team across Europe.”

David Cruise
EMEA Marketing Manager

Monthly pre-production involves a one hour meeting to brief our production team. Then
DustPod lines up and prepares all guests, scripts and running orders.

Subject is kept accessible by using a presenter who is not an air quality expert.

All interviews are recorded remotely using specialised high-quality system. Participants are spread across Europe and Asia regions.

Precision editing is applied so non-native English speaking guests sound more fluent.

Multitrack recording allows for individual audio processing and balancing so all participants are of similar or same quality.

  • Concept Development
  • Audio Branding Package
  • Intro/Outro
  • Signature Music
  • Training for Host
  • Supply of Host
  • Registration with Podcast Platforms
  • Podcast Pre-Production
  • Scriptiing/Running Order
  • Recording
  • Editing, Mixing & Mastering
  • Video Highlight Promo
  • Show Notes
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Transcription for SEO
  • Hosting & Management
  • Publishing to Apple/Spotify


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