Award Winner

Throughout the years we have produced a number of in-flight programmes for Aer Lingus transatlantic services. One of our favourites was called The Singer and the Song. The interview documentary used our extensive DustPod archive to share stories behind some of the most famous songs ever, as told by the singers themselves. From Jim Kerr […]

What a Podcast Will Do For Your Brand

There are three really good things that a podcast will do for your brand Authority: It puts you out there as the very best there is Networking: It helps you connect with people in ways not possible otherwise Content: It’s an endless source of really good cross-platform content about your brand AUTHORITY The simple fact […]

How to Build Your Audience with YouTube and Facebook

Being able to share short samples of your podcast in an easily-digestible package that can be immediately or auto-played in someone’s feed is exactly what will help build your audience and lead you to success. Launching a podcast is exciting and seeing audience for the first few shows is exhilarating. But then, things tend to […]

Why Covid Kicked Podcasting

The pandemic kicked podcast usage right into the mainstream with roughly a third of people now listening regularly in major markets from the USA, to Australia, the UK and here in Ireland. But why? A survey of 2,500 people in the UK by Magna Global shows many respondents use digital audio as a tool to […]

Latest Irish Listening Stats

Conducted by RedC in June of this year, it shows a full third of Irish adults not only listen to podcasts weekly but they are listening to more podcasts each week also. They say Ireland is one of the ive fastest growing European markets with notable increases in proportion of weekly consumers: 22%, 29% and […]

Podcast V Blog

Which works best? A podcast, or a written article or blog? Naturally, we feel podcasts have huge advantages! They’re very human. People like to deal with other people. When you’re listening to a podcast you get a real sense of who that person is from the way they talk, to their accent and whether they […]

Three Things You Need for a Hit Podcast

After 15 years of making podcasts, here are three things we’ve learned you need to be successful. Content If you have a topic, product, subject, or idea that you’re passionate about, you already have the main ingredient ready to go. Look at some of the best podcasts and you’ll quickly notice they succeed because they’re […]

How to Make a Hit Podcast

Have you ever wondered whether you could create a hit podcast? Lots of people assume that unless they have a mind-blowing concept that will appeal to millions of people, there’s no way they could ever produce their own hit podcast. But, fortunately, that way of thinking is way off course. In fact, just about anyone […]

How Many Downloads Make a Successful Podcast?

First, you need to define success. Is it the amount of listeners you have or is it the amount of success your podcast brings to your business? Our advice is to define the latter. For many it’s brand authority, establishing you as a thought leader within your industry. For others it’s networking where inviting guests […]

Ten Branded Podcasts

This is just a small collection of brands who have launched their own podcasts. LISNEY Estate agent Lisney has launched a new podcast series to help clients to stay connected to the Irish property market.  Lisney experts in all aspects of the property market offer unique insights into how the market has responded to Covid-19 […]

The Big Money

I’m a great believer in the saying ‘follow the money’ because that is where you find the truth. Podcasting is no exception and this year, there has been some very big money to follow. Some of the world’s biggest brands and their CEO’s are positioning themselves with some astonishing deals. Spotify lead the headlines by […]

Broadcast Quality Explained

It’s easy enough to assume that broadcast quality in a podcast is, literally, the quality of the audio. However several experts on the subject beg to disagree. They have their own definitions about what the elusive quality is, what factors play into it, and how professionals can maximize it. So, in short, what is broadcast […]

Phone a Favourite

Telephone meetings absolutely beat video or even physical meetings hands down. I have never had a bad meeting in my life and the reason is simple. I have always learned at least one new useful thing in every meeting and learning things is good. Even if it’s the fact the other person is an idiot! […]

Why You Must Keep Marketing in a Recession

Do you feel good when you can confidently proclaim ‘I was right’?! For me, that feeling is an affirmation that the values I hold are the right ones, and are shared by peers I respect above me. Covid 19 has brought one of those values to light. That value is my belief that marketing or […]

How 1 Podcast Delivers 37 Pieces of Content

Content Creation is a beast (or a bitch if you like). A monster carnivorous creature with an endless appetite that’s hard to feed. Worse, it’s always hungry! It chews through big meals like video, podcasts and lengthy articles interspersed with ‘snackable’ content for a myriad of social media. Just thinking about it makes you tired. […]

Lessons Learned from Recording a Podcast Remotely

All this talk of remote working is making me smile. I’m smiling because I’ve been doing this for years. Not just from home but recording podcasts remotely from all kinds of crazy locations thousands of miles from ‘home’. When I sold my production company in 2014 I took on a project that had me travelling […]