Podcast V Blog

Which works best? A podcast, or a written article or blog?

Naturally, we feel podcasts have huge advantages! They’re very human. People like to deal with other people. When you’re listening to a podcast you get a real sense of who that person is from the way they talk, to their accent and whether they sound happy, sad or other subtle nuances. You simply don’t get that in a written article.

Podcasts also allow you to get consume content while you do other things. A lot of people will listen to a podcast while they go for a walk, while they’re driving or when they’re making dinner or other household chores.

That in itself leads to another advantage because, as they are doing something else, they are less likely to turn off the podcast. The result is people tend to listen to a podcast for a lot longer. The average is 28 minutes, compared to two minutes for video or 10 seconds for a webpage.

However, let’s not dismiss the written word.

We have to admit the written word is fantastic. After all, it has been with us for thousands of years and the printing press has been here for hundreds. We all love books, magazines, lots of what we have on the internet is written text.

Text works! With text you have the time to think and rethink your words. You can form your sentences in a perfect way and get your point across far more succinctly. For the reader ,text is great because you can scan through text much quicker so it’s more time efficient. Text is also great because you can go back and you can refer to something you may have forgotten.

So which is better? Well, they’re both great. That’s why we do both with every podcast.

Our job is to take an interview with you, or your guests, or someone from your company and make them sound great. Listeners can identify with that person and will engage for up to a half hour or more.

We also take the podcast and transcribe it, so if anybody wants to use it as a reference, they’re able to look up exactly what was said. We also give it to our professional writers who create a summary of the podcast where your thoughts come across with everything that you wanted to say and in a very succinct manner.

Your content is your message and you need to get that to people on whatever platform those people use. With a podcast, you’re able to give it to them in audio, you can give them short snippets on video with our video highlights, or you can give them the transcript or a written summary article.

So, the answer to the question is, there is no winner. Do everything!

As always, if there is anything you would like to ask about this post, do give us a call or send us a message.