How 1 Podcast Delivers 37 Pieces of Content

Content Creation is a beast (or a bitch if you like).

A monster carnivorous creature with an endless appetite that’s hard to feed. Worse, it’s always hungry! It chews through big meals like video, podcasts and lengthy articles interspersed with ‘snackable’ content for a myriad of social media. Just thinking about it makes you tired.

Then there is the other beast of the marketing jungle, the client. Always KPI, ROI and why can’t you DIY !!

How can you feed the content beast and the client and stay sane?

That’s the beauty of podcasting. It punches way above its weight by delivering a ton of content and saves your sanity. If you want to be saved, read on!

The spoken word is the original content medium. In ancient civilizations stories would be handed down from generation to generation by seanchaí and story tellers. Those stories then became etchings or paintings on a wall. When writing was invented they turned into scrolls and with the printing press they became books and newspapers. Broadcasting came along and which medium dominated first? Radio!

The spoken word is what feeds our world.

Podcasting is the spoken word but it goes way beyond audio. Done well, it is thirty minutes of solid content. But there are so many other ways you can share that same content including video, text, photos and more. All of a sudden, that thirty minute interview can become a video clip on Facebook, a photo post on Instagram and an insightful blog on your website.

By taking the message in your podcast and getting it out on other platforms, 100% 200% or even 300% more people will hear what you’re saying.

That’s why for each podcast we record, we also create up to 11 different pieces of content which in turn are used in up to 37 different ways to feed the content monster. They include ‘audiograms’ which are short audio highlights, animated much like the lyric videos pop stars do. Photo quotes in various ratios which we use on the three main social media. We also do a full transcript of the show which is great for SEO. From that we write a summary article which is used as a blog post/web content and of course ‘show notes’ which boost discoverability on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts.

This partly promotes the podcast and partly delivers value. Mostly it really helps share the message with the widest audience possible. After all, a podcast is made in the first place to share a message!

So the next time you have a headache thinking about content creation and all the different platforms you have to create for, think how much you can get out of one simple podcast.

Feed the beast!

As always, if there is anything you would like to ask about this post, do give us a call or send us a message.