10 Things Which Annoy Podcast Listeners

While we’re experts on making shows people love to hear, our years of podcast and radio experience has also taught us what turns listeners off. Here are ten common pitfalls to avoid: Poor audio quality. A bad recording using the wrong microphones or where you hear background noise and muffled sounds is a huge turn […]

Podcast Audience Measurement

I was honoured to speak at the ASI International Radio & Audio Conference in Nice yesterday. The event was about measuring podcast and radio audio audiences worldwide. Here are some great things I learned from just five of the brilliant speakers who came from across the globe. (The first and last points are the most […]

19 Game Changing Tips for Brand Podcasts

If you are recording your own company or brand podcast, here are nineteen tips which will instantly up your game. #1 Duration The great thing about podcasting is that there are no rules! If you have the content for an hour or two hours, go for it. Equally, if your content fills 15 minutes with […]

Best Branded Podcast Winner

DustPod is proud and honoured to have won the Best Branded Podcast category at the inaugural Irish Podcast Awards held in Dublin on Friday 16th September. The award is for their production of Under Construction with Chadwicks, which delivered trade talk, tips and banter for trade and construction workers across Ireland. The show was presented […]

Eamon Dunphy Masterclass

In a recent interview with Acast Eamon Dunphy unwittingly gave a masterclass in podcast production which is very relevant to brands. Eamon has been a high profile and at times controversial media presenter for decades. Today he hosts his own podcast The Stand with over one million downloads per month. The lessons he learned the […]

Five Habits Of Successful Brand Podcasts

There is no magic formula to creating anything successful but there are things that you can do to increase your odds. Podcasting is no different. From years of experience creating and listening to podcasts, here are five traits we have found are common in all successful shows. 1 SHOW UP Look at the chart in […]

Why Smart Speakers Are Important

Long-term success for your podcast needs a little forward planning and one key area is how you include smart speakers. Alexa, Siri and OK Google are all increasingly common. Outside of the USA, Ireland and the UK are two of the leading markets by percentage of household penetration. Both our markets are also one of […]

How to Promote Your Podcast Using YouTube

When you want to build an audience for your podcast, YouTube is a great place to find new listeners. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. It is a media search engine which means people expect to hear and see results such as an instant sample of your podcast. You can’t do […]

Five Things We Learned from Edison’s Latest Research

Was podcasting a Covid fad or will it survive post-pandemic? An excellent indicator is the Infinite Dial report from Edison Research. One of the premium research agencies in the States, they have been studying online audio usage since 2009. Today they monitor online audio usage, including podcasts, in the US, Canada, UK, South Africa and […]

Can Podcasts Help Build a Stronger Workforce?

A recent study of EY Germany would answer a resounding YES. Recently, the podcast hosting company Podbean spoke with Marius and Jessica of EY Germany to hear about their experience of the first two years of producing company branded podcasts. When did EY decide to implement podcasting? EY’s commitment to podcasting was stimulated by the […]

Measuring ROI on Your Branded Podcast

The business model behind most podcasts is simple. Generate a large audience, then sell it to an advertiser who gets to make a brief pitch for thirty or sixty seconds. The goal for a podcast created by a brand tends to be very different. Most branded podcasts are not being directly monetized. Instead, a podcast […]

Secret of Success

Want to know the secret to podcasting success? Time and consistency. A recent poll of 1,076 full-time podcasters, many of whom make over 50k a year from their podcast, reveals what works across the board. Top of the list is time and consistency. Across the biggest shows and highest earners, you see a trend to […]

13 Tips to Market Your Podcast

The most important part of making a podcast is not the podcast itself. It’s marketing the podcast. Here are some brilliant tips to attract people to your new show and get them involved with your brand. MARKET TO YOUR PEOPLE Start with those closest to you. When your staff and clients enjoy the show, they […]

Six Tips for Launching A Successful Business Podcast

A brand-focused podcast is high-quality valuable content designed to convert listeners into customers or increase brand loyalty (and spend) with existing customers. If you are considering a podcast, here are six tips to help you create a brand-focused podcast that does all you want it to and more for your business. Your brand identity will […]

What Is Your Asset Zero?

I was reading an excellent book called 24 Assets by Daniel Priestly about how successful companies have 24 key assets which help them grow. Marketing and brand assets were high on the list. The author gave a gentle reminder that well-made quality digital assets will perform on your website, social media and more 24/7.  Video, […]

Is Podcasting Easy?

You want to make a podcast for your company or brand and you think all you need is a microphone, an echoey meeting room and a motor-mouth sales guy as a wannabe host? While that is do-able, there is a reason why the most successful branded podcasts from IBEC, The Irish Times, Chadwicks and SISK […]

Award Winner

Throughout the years we have produced a number of in-flight programmes for Aer Lingus transatlantic services. One of our favourites was called The Singer and the Song. The interview documentary used our extensive DustPod archive to share stories behind some of the most famous songs ever, as told by the singers themselves. From Jim Kerr […]

What a Podcast Will Do For Your Brand

There are three really good things that a podcast will do for your brand Authority: It puts you out there as the very best there is Networking: It helps you connect with people in ways not possible otherwise Content: It’s an endless source of really good cross-platform content about your brand AUTHORITY The simple fact […]

How to Build Your Audience with YouTube and Facebook

Being able to share short samples of your podcast in an easily-digestible package that can be immediately or auto-played in someone’s feed is exactly what will help build your audience and lead you to success. Launching a podcast is exciting and seeing audience for the first few shows is exhilarating. But then, things tend to […]

Why Covid Kicked Podcasting

The pandemic kicked podcast usage right into the mainstream with roughly a third of people now listening regularly in major markets from the USA, to Australia, the UK and here in Ireland. But why? A survey of 2,500 people in the UK by Magna Global shows many respondents use digital audio as a tool to […]