10 Things Which Annoy Podcast Listeners

While we’re experts on making shows people love to hear, our years of podcast and radio experience has also taught us what turns listeners off. Here are ten common pitfalls to avoid:

Poor audio quality.
A bad recording using the wrong microphones or where you hear background noise and muffled sounds is a huge turn off. It makes listening difficult, not pleasant and ramps up the likelihood of losing your listeners. Who wants to listen to someone speaking from an echoy room for an hour?

Lack of Editing:
A well edited show sounds tight, on-point and delivers what the listener expects. By not editing out irrelevant content, conversation or worse distractions or mistakes, you are just showing yourself up as amateur. A good editor is crucial for a well-produced podcast, even if you aim for an organic and natural conversation.

Going Off-Topic:
Not getting to the point, too much banter or rambling too much can be frustrating for listeners. It’s important to stay focused and provide a clear and concise experience. Many podcast listeners prefer shows that are well-researched, well-outlined, and well-produced.

Where ads are relevant to the podcast, they can work very well. But irrelevant ads can kill. Ad placement is also important. Many podcasts feature the same advertisements from the same companies, which can get repetitive and boring for listeners. Variety is key. We’re inundated with adverts in our lives. Many listeners consider a podcast to be a safe haven from them so be careful not to overload.

Slow Openings:
Some podcasts will have 15-20 minutes of banter/conversation before getting to the content the listener actually wants to hear. This is frustrating for listeners who want to know what to expect from the episode.

Fake Testimonials:
Ads, sponsor reads or testimonials read by a host who obviously has not got a clue, is another turnoff. Many listeners dislike fake testimonials and get frustrated with hosts who sound half-enthusiastic about products.

Long Intro’s:
Listeners just want to get to the content. The longer your intro, the more you keep them from what they want, and the more likely they’ll move on to the next show on their playlist. Podcast listeners want to get to the content of the episode quickly and without distractions.

Episodes can also become monotonous and boring if the host only sticks to a single topic or format. Switch things up and keep the content fresh!

Long Podcasts:
Joe Rogan is the exception. For the majority of us, long podcasts will tire listeners, especially if the content is not engaging enough to hold their attention. It’s important to keep podcasts concise and to the point.

Many podcasts miss out on the opportunity to engage their listeners by not having a clear call-to-action. A call-to-action can encourage listeners to leave comments, rate, or review the podcast, and even become a subscriber.

These are just a few common mistakes podcasters can make that frustrate listeners. Avoid these mistakes and provide an engaging, high-quality, and focused experience. Remember, it is all about the listener.

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