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This episode will inspire you to find the story in what you do and create engaging podcasts which can literally move people.

Our guest Kerri Worral shares how Greater Anglia Rail used podcasting to successfully promote their new fleet and services.

Their “Lives on the Lines” podcast was a resounding success, gaining over 1000 listens in the first month through organic social media promotion alone. Paid social ads drove those numbers even higher, with listeners providing positive feedback and plans to visit locations featured.

Kerri shares how she created this award-winning podcast. She details the process of finding guests, production, promotion and measuring impact in addition to best practices on repurposing content and comparing effectiveness to video.

You’ll be inspired by how Greater Anglia harnessed the power of podcasting to boost their brand and explore opportunities for your own marketing.


  • 01:35 Informing customers about a new product
  • 03:06 Approaching a new marketing format
  • 04:55 Utilising guest you already have access to
  • 05:58 Using an agency to save on time commitment
  • 07:01 Professional presenter vs internal presenter
  • 10:03 Getting your podcast into the world
  • 11:10 Paid advertising for podcasts
  • 12:59 Analytics and feedback success
  • 15:09 Podcasting vs Video
  • 17:50 Expanding your marketing mix with podcasting

Lives On The Lines takes you on an audible journey by train to meet fascinating people living and working across our Great Anglian landscape.

The railways have connected communities and counties across Britain for nearly two centuries, and that time has seen enormous innovation in the trade, work opportunities and lifestyles of the British people. Rail has tracked lives through innovation, migration, boom and bust, and today the Greater Anglia rural branch lines connect communities here for work, days out and enjoying the beautiful East Anglian landscape.

You can enjoy a journey through history, culture, art and nature and it might just inspire a few adventures of your own.

Lives on the Lines is created on behalf of the Community Rail Partnerships with Greater Anglia.

Our guest Kerri Worrall is a PR consultant for the Greater Anglia Rail Service.



If you’ve got the vision for how you can really bring your organization or your product to life, it’s a really good idea to try and have as many elements in your marketing mix as possible. They really were a value for money because we were able to continue to engage with people and offer them something of real value. It was a really good use of the PR budget. – Kerri Worrall

We didn’t want it to just sound like an advert for getting on a train, we really wanted it to be about the the history, the culture, the community. – Kerri Worrall

We worked with a really brilliant agency and because of that, actually the time commitment wasn’t too much. It wasn’t a burden. It’s such an exciting process to be involved in. – Kerri Worrall

We entered it for a number of awards, so we were able to say that it’s helped improve the reputation of the company. It’s not only the quantitative element of your analytics, but also feedback from people saying, I loved this and I am going to take a train journey because I’ve listened to this.  – Kerri Worrall

It would be really easy to repurpose some of the podcast and use it in different ways, in blogs for example. I think once you’ve done it, you’ve just got this fantastic piece of content that you can then look at repurposing in as many ways as you want to. – Kerri Worrall

We’re all really pleased that we did it. It was an experiment that we feel was a successful one. – Kerri Worrall


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