Preparing for Your Podcast

We want you to sound your very best on your podcast.

By following just a few small and simple tips, you can really improve how it all goes. Below are some short videos which will show you how to best set up your computer or laptop. We’ve also added some summary notes at the bottom of the page for easy reference.

The vast majority of people tell us their podcast recording was easier and more fun than they expected, and with just a little preparation, it will be the same for you. Enjoy!

How to Sound Your Best

In three minutes you will know which microphones, which you most likely already have, will help you sound your best. If you wish to buy one, see our recommendations below.

WINDOWS 10 Mic Setup

Click on Windows Start key and type the word ‘Sound’

Under ‘Input’ choose your microphone then click ‘Device Properties’ to check mic level is high enough

Click on Windows Start key and type the word ‘Voice Recorder’

Click on blue microphone icon to make a backup recording of your interview
After the podcast, email us the m4a file

Mac OSX Mic Setup

Click on Apple logo on top left of screen and then on System Preferences
Type the word ‘Sound’ to get your sound settings
Click ‘Input’ to choose your microphone then check mic level is high enough

Open the Quicktime Application
Frm File menu, select ‘New Audio Recording’
Double check the correct microphone is selected and you are happy with the levels.
Click on red button to make a backup recording of your interview
After the podcast, press the stop button, then File > Export > Audio Only
Save the file m4a to your desktop and email it to us

Mic & Headphones

  • Use headphones
  • Use a USB or wired microphone
  • Avoid Bluetooth headsets or microphones built-in with laptops

If you wish to invest in a microphone, these are the three we recommend based on quality, price and usefulness:

Headset Microphone
Most headsets with a microphone boom arm work well. We had a particularly good experience with this one from Harvey Norman which cost €40.

Samson Q2U
A USB version of the classic stage microphone. Comes with a stand and pop filter. Very durable and works well in home or office environments. Cost appox €90 on Amazon.

Blue Yeti
High end microphone. The better quality means its more sensitive so best to use in a quite room. Approx €120 from Currys

Connect to Recording

When it is time to record, simply click the link you received by email.

On the login screen, enter your name and check the microphone, headphone and camera settings are correct (Remember, we do not record the video!)

Click ‘Join Recording’ and we will be waiting for you.

The video below shows you how it works and you are welcome to log-in anytime and see for yourself.