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Outlines what is in this episode, what we will learn, about the guest and any relevant links or contact details. These are sample notes from the Camil Clean Air podcast

The quality of air has a dramatic effect on the health and efficiency of a production plant or facility and its staff. We get an overview of the main concerns, the dangers and the benefits of Clean Air.

  • Why indoor air can be more dangerous
  • What legislation surrounds pollutants
  • Which countries are more exposed
  • How you measure air quality
  • How to compare outside air and inside air
  • The two leading sources of threats to health
  • Benefits of cleaner air

Simon Birkett moved from a career in finance to found Clean Air, a campaign to help the City of London comply with WHO guidelines for air quality. He is a regular contributor internationally on the issue of air pollution.
Clean Air London

Peter Dyment is a Technical Manager at Camfil, a global organisation who provide commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control, which improves worker and equipment productivity and minimizes energy use.
Peter on Linkedin

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GAA hurling legends Derek McGrath (Waterford) and Davey Fitzgerald (Wexford) know what it takes to motivate, manage, and inspire others. They've both spent their adult lives acquiring skills that corporate leaders envy, skills related to understanding what makes the human mind strive for better results, focus on performance, and aim for excellence.

We sat down with Derek and Davey, former senior hurling managers for their respective teams to explore their ideas about the art and science of management. Their accomplishments speak volumes and are well-known to millions, yet each man believes in a future-centred perspective and the importance of never resting on one's laurels. Here's what they had to say, specifically, about team building and management in the construction industry.

Life and Work and DIY

For Derek, teamwork and the quest for success began at age 16 and never stopped. Hurling competition has been his life and runs in the family. His sons can look to their dad and their uncle, Waterford's John Mullane (their mother's brother) as direct ancestors who live the hurling life.

Davey, who just this week stepped down from his role as Wexford's hurling manager, already graces the sport's history books as one of the greatest goal-keepers of all time. What about handyman skills?

Davey remembers doing a bit of log-splitting and timber cutter as a youngster but nowadays says that his wife is the one with better around-the-house skills for DIY projects and the like, and she's much more likely than he to be found wandering the aisles at Chadwick's for home improvement accessories.

Derek has similar tales about his own DIY acumen, recalling that as a 16-year-old he created some chaos when trying to stack bricks on a construction job, and more recently adding paste to the back of self-adhesive wallpaper while "helping" a friend finish a room. The result? In Derek's words, "Absolute disaster."

The Importance of Individuality

Wallpaper escapes aside, what has Derek learned about leadership and management over the years? What kernels of wisdom garnered on the playing field translate directly to a construction job site? As he tells it, any leader has to completely understand the dynamics of the group he's overseeing.

What are some of the components of that understanding? It includes things like knowing which members of a team have their own, "maverick" way of thinking, which ones need a bit more encouragement to excel, how to harness the energy of people who have egotistical personalities by making room for them on a team.

Management of others is about knowing the nature of your team members. For instance, are there some who need data-based feedback, personal encouragement, and who thrive on being challenged to higher levels of achievement?

Building a Cohesive Team

The essence of team building begins with knowing the unique personalities of every member. Ironically, it's the recognition of individual uniqueness that is the core of effective teamwork, whether on a construction site or anywhere else.

It's crucial, Derek says, to know how to speak to people, to use the right kind of language. Words are important and the right selection of words at the precise moment can instil a desire to achieve, to do any job better than you did it before.

People management and team building means having respect for yourself, every member of the group, and each staff member. This authentic recognition of the importance of each member's role is what enables a manager to challenge players (or workers) to succeed.

It's also the best way to create an environment where people truly enjoy their jobs, look forward to coming to work, and strive to improve in everything they do.

Times, and Leadership Techniques, Change

Davy chimed in to say that in addition to knowing each team member as an individual, managers have to realize that leadership styles change. The kind of team building they did in the 1990s or early 2000s might not work today because each new generation has its own way of relating to authority figures, as it were.

When he deals with new team members, he spends a few months getting to know everything about them. That means taking notes, building profiles, and honing in on how each person learns. Everybody has their own style of acquiring new skills, he explained, so it's impossible to do an effective job of team management until you truly know everyone as an individual player, and it takes effort.

For example, some people need just a little bit of direction while others have to be shown, time and time again, what is the correct way of doing something. In certain cases, it's essential to push hard in order to get a good performance, but at other times, not so much.

Backing Off and Letting People Take Chances

But there's a balance to the craft of team building as well, namely knowing when to back off and just let players, or workers, do their jobs as best they can. Constantly looking over a person's shoulder is not an efficient way to drive team members to do their best. They need to know that you trust them to put their skills into practice without having to be watched all the time.

It's About the Future, Not the Past

Derek values the idea of ignoring past successes and focusing on what to do next. In his mind, you have to put the past out of your view while working on a new project. If you allow the concept of, "Well, I've achieved x and y and z during the past several years," then you start off with a disadvantage. Too many teams and businesses have fallen down by resting on reputation and assuming future challenges will be like the past.

It's about being on the edge, he says, and maintaining the desire to succeed now, and in the future, regardless of what has already happened. Last year might have been a great or not-so-great one for a team or a company, but a smart manager understands that yesterday's highs and lows are actually irrelevant to the job at hand.

What It All Means

Both men gave solid examples of how on-field skills in sport are indeed transferable to the workplace. Their lives are apt examples of how the concept of striving for success is the same in any realm of endeavour, and how teams have the potential to become much more than the static sum of individual talents.

Hear our full conversation with Derek McGrath and Davey Fitz on the Under Construction Podcast with Chadwicks. Listen here.

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Most people in developed nations spend about 90 per cent of their lives indoors, so the threat from indoor pollutants is greater than most people think. Additionally, indoor air includes many of the particulates and gases that creep in from the outside air, so you have a potentially lethal cocktail of pollutants inside buildings where people often congregate for work, school, and entertainment events. People generally think they're safer indoors, and that's not true.

Hear about some of the problems and solutions with Simon Burkett from Clean Air London and Peter Dyment from Camfil on this weeks podcast. Listen by searching ‘Camfil Clear Air’ on Apple or Google podcast apps, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts.

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For your convenience, here is a 90% accurate automated transcript of the podcast.

Aidan Power 0:23
Hey, Fred, what's the most important thing? Do you think when it comes to tools?

Fred Cooke 0:27
I think it's known what to do. And I know how other people use their tools no pun intended. But it's no use if you don't know what they're doing. Example I mean, most simple thing that that every builder knows but you know, with a screwdriver, righty tighty, lefty loosey. But for me, you know, no one told me that it might well might as well have been, you know, lefty, like he rightly wrongly. I heard that I heard four years of age left, he was like, what's what's going on? You know, like, so I didn't have the context behind the screwdriver. And it's known other people's tools as well. Like, I know, I was, I was talking to a friend of mine. And you see where I live. There's loads of people who work in construction and then there's loads of people who are artists in their own house, they paint pictures, so when someone tells you that you're a painter, you know, you need to be careful about what to do to get out like a friend of mine as she told me she was a painter. And I says right I'll run to her house and joke around with it with paint brushes that I got for Christmas that I didn't use it no intention to use and then unrooted the house I seen her with a ladder up against someone else's while painting someone's house. I was like, oh, okay, right, that kind of painter. So I was like I looked at one Don't mind me I'm just walking by with paint versus looking great.

Aidan Power 1:43
All right, so you thought she was more of the artistic type than the industry so to speak very good. Now we know tools are very precious. We know they're expensive. And therefore they are sought after by by sometimes the bad people by thieves a friend of mine and have a number of friends who work in the trade friend of mine who's a plumber had his van broken into outside his own house by fear of sophisticated bonds they pull up in a car he CCTV in his house that didn't put them off. At two lads got out of a car, one kept watch kept sketch, the other managed to break into his van bypassing the immobilizer on his van be cleared out a couple of grands worth of tools back in the car, and literally gone in 60 seconds. And the tools never to be found again, they had serial numbers he had called the police he called around I believe there's a number of places where these tools get moved on. But these guys are very sophisticated in their in their operation. And, and they were gone. So you need to be careful with what you do with your tools and how you mind them.

Fred Cooke 2:44
It's so unfair. I mean, it's so hard to track down stuff that goes missing, especially when like a mate of mine. Now, there's another side or this is a rare story that a friend of mine has in the band and he his mate got his guitar stolen and the same thing as it was just picked up and taken out of a venue jail. It's such an easy thing to do like and, and then my friend was looking at guitars I'm done deal. Penny seen the guitar that was stolen on Done deal was a very specific guitar. And even like the, you know, the cracks in the guitar I mentioned and it's like, well, it can only be that guitar that was stolen. That was my mates guitar. So this is a really MacGyver moment taking the Fatman moment. Okay. Exactly, yeah. lefty races run etc. And what he did was he called run in a car park ladies elevate black glasses and a mustache and the garden Shere Khan with him as well. I am looking for a guitar. I don't know, I shouldn't be the action. Sorry, I shouldn't be the accident. Maybe a friend of his Lily get red crack stones, Larry center, and he knew exactly the guitar and the guy couldn't get over yourself to French. And then anyway, so you're he gets the guitar and then goes you're right now obviously, the guy he sold them to guitar it might have been his fault because he might have got the guitar and I'm done deal as well are sold. So what the date is just ask him questions and try to get back to him. So I think the guy who my friend got the guitar off in the carpark with the guards wasn't the guy who stole the guitar. So that's the thing so they took the handcuffs off and then apologize freely No, that didn't happen. What the awesome questions and the dig up the guy who did steal the guitar, and they kind of pack it on. Yeah, they got it back. But he got the gun. He got the guitar back anyway, but then to find out who actually stole it. And I'll tell you what, that's an obvious steal. It's so easy to steal stuff, but it's always easy to see yourself by mistake. I know like guitar leads as well. You know, they're all the same color. Do you know about who's gonna who's gonna who's gonna have a guitar lead with their name on it, you know, and the Bluetooth thing so if it goes missing, like you know, it's

Aidan Power 4:55
like yeah, friends about to confess to something we shall move on to our photo of the week. This is where you watch episode photos, some work you're really proud of, and that you'd like to share with everyone listening. Right now if you look at your phone or whatever you're listening to us on, you should see a photo of a before and after of some pipework planning for an aviation facility. It was sent to us by Dylan Ryan and here he is to tell us what he did.

Photo of the Week 5:18
In the photograph, you see two sides, you see one side and it's a 3d CAD model and then one side is the actual pipe, the pipe was a completely fabricated off. So using 3d workflows, so virtual digital construction, the story was 3d scanned, and all the point walk was dimensionally model in a 3d model. And then all the drawings were produced and fabricated from that, and installed and everything fits perfect. Quality assured and quality checks and the 0% rework on our videos, craft the paper install.

Aidan Power 5:55
Thank you very much till and well thought out well executed and the results are great, because the after looks exactly like the plan you did. So it all went to plan. Now if you can't see that photo on your particular podcast player, we've put a link to the photo in the show notes below. So you can see all the before and afters And remember, if you'd like to share a photo of some work you're proud of, and share it with everyone who is listening as our photo of the week just send us a WhatsApp photo and a voice message telling us all about it. 2087 7754 triple five, and that number as always, you will find in the show description.

Chadwicks 6:25
The under construction podcast from Chadwick's gave it automatically by clicking the Follow button on your podcast app right now.

Aidan Power 6:33
Now for a lot of people what they were on the job is very much part of their case or their tool case, if you like and to tell us more about one of the most recognizable names in workwear. We're joined by Derrick DC from Snickers Derek, welcome to the podcast. Great guys. Thanks a minute. How are you? My first question to you is even as a man who doesn't have a trade, if I buy a pair of sneakers, will women fancy me more?

Derek 6:57
I'm obviously going to give you the true answer. Yes, absolutely. Yes, they'll be melted.

Aidan Power 7:04
Good. I'm going to pick myself up a pair. So my next question is what came first? The Snickers bar or the Snickers bands?

Derek 7:11
Okay, good question. And well Believe it or not. The Snickers workwear was invented back in 1975 by a Swedish electrician called Mattie veal. And the name Snickers is actually derived from the Swedish word sneak care, which means carpenter. So that's where the origins of the name come from.

Fred Cooke 7:30
Ilan Musk was really pissed off with the Mars bar. I wanted to call my company. Bosco pissed off a double decker. I'm done. I'm done.

Aidan Power 7:44
So Derek, we are talking a lot about tools today. Why do you describe people's workwear as tools? And why should we think of them that way?

Derek 7:52
Well, I suppose the most important thing for an individual when they're on the worksite is to feel safe and to feel comfortable. And so we see our products as an additional tool to their everyday tools. For example, if you're an electrician or Carpenter or a plumber, and you've got hammers, screwdrivers, drills, whatever, the trousers, the jackets, the tops are an addition to that. It's important for tradespeople to feel comfortable and safe with peace of mind in the revenue environment. So and that's what we aim and strive to do and provide.

Aidan Power 8:21
And a lot has changed in the last 10, maybe 20 years. And do you think workwear is learning from fashion? Or is it just getting better at comfort?

Derek 8:29
I think it's learning from fashion. And it's getting better from conflict. I mean, there's new technologies advancing all the time in the sports industry, sports apparel, and all of that has been married back into workwear. So we're striving to stay at the forefront, you know, with different materials, different technologies. And, you know, take for example, one of the one of the biggest advances we've had is using a material called 37.5. And 37.5 is an American brand that regulates the body temperature, 37.5 degrees. So really interesting material, we use it in some of our treasures, we use it in our top, wear our jackets or t shirts. And basically, as I said, It regulates the temperature. So that's a really cool advancement in fabrics that we've seen in the last five to seven years.

Aidan Power 9:14
Yeah, it's very high tech. And what kind of testing do you do?

Derek 9:17
So everything that we have, every product that's launched goes through rigorous testing all across Europe, in all our markets, we have representatives called product specialists, so they coordinate to testing for garments that roll out from head office. So you're looking at a minimum 12 months to 18 months of a garment house information, live on site and tested information, gathered feedback and gathered material performance, fears, comfort, durability, and all of that is collated centrally by the product development team and they tweak and make improvements wherever it needs to be made. And then the product is launched. So probably 1000s of hours of testing before the product actually gets out onto the market.

Fred Cooke 9:59
If They're more durable. They're probably more expensive. So how do you look at extra cost?

Derek 10:06
I mean, I suppose you can't really put a price on comfort and safety. If you take, for example, our top selling products, our treasures are slim fit stretch trousers or our relaxed fit stretch trousers. Every detail in those garments has basically had the end user in mind all day, every day, most trades people will wear a pair of trousers from Monday, straight all the way through each day, 12 hours a day till Friday. The only time they take them off is when they're at home going to bed and arresting. So it's really important that we stay see the value in the purchase of the products, but also the benefits from the everyday use within the product. And you mentioned the different styles in terms of the fit. I presume it's not a case of one size fits all. There's something for every shape and size. Absolutely, yeah, and we have different size we've did we've a broad range of waist sizes, we've a broad range of leg lengths. And then we have different styles, we five families of garments. So you know we have all around we've got Flexi we've got rough work we've got for tech work, we've got light work. So we've got a collection of products available in various different sizes, to suit everyday everybody, no matter what the environment they're working.

Fred Cooke 11:21
I always love the idea of having kneepads, I guess, as a skateboarder to me, I don't know where to get much work done. But I'd love to walk around and let everyone know. Could you tell me more about a kneepads? What various sizes are there? Could I get the same ones basically from what like when I was a kid?

Derek 11:38
No, absolutely not. No. And well, we have a patented knee guard system in our trousers that's unique to ourselves, whereby it's a rectangular pockets, and we have various different tea pots for various different trades. So for example, if you're just doing regular trade work, like as electrician, nothing too vigorous, we have a standard knee part that will fit into the knee into the knee guard system in the pocket. And a really cool feature on it is it has to Bartok's on either side of the pocket. So it keeps the knee pad in position. Have either of you ever knelt on something sharp? Like a stone or screw or on both your Yeah, yeah. Okay, so you know the impact that horrifically but

Aidan Power 12:25
it's missing bone. Okay, so you've got the perfect cushion there if you're on your knees. And what about the holsters? They are another very attractive element of the Snickers. What have you got?

Derek 12:37
So we have one of the things that Marty invented multiview invented back in 1975, was the holster pockets. And his frustration was that he couldn't find anything that was any workwear, that was suitable for his environment. He was an electrician, and carrying lots of screws, you know, lots of bolts having to go to the toolbox or to or to buy constantly back and forth, back and forth. He came up with the concept whereby he put these patches on Australia's, you'd be able to load up in the morning with everything that he needed in the patches, and then carry through his day without having to cause too much disruption. And we've just kept that all the way through. And it's a key feature of part of our treasures.

Aidan Power 13:15
This mighty guy is it's kind of like the Steve Jobs of technology, isn't he?

Derek 13:20
Yeah. And a really inspiring guy as well. He's no longer involved in the company. He retired back around 2007 was, if you were to meet him, you will be inspired by him straightaway, even today. Now he's a super guy, and very driven, very ambitious, and really is the lifeblood of the company from the get go even steel, although he's not still involved. He still his mantra is what we strive for.

Aidan Power 13:46
And Snickers is going from strength to strength. You've just bought an American company. He might tell us a bit more about what they do particularly specializing with tool belts.

Derek 13:54
Yeah, well, we have part of our group we're all parts of the holster force group. Snickers workwear is one of the brands on it. We have recently acquired a company called CLC, which is a CLC work here, which is an American brands, and they focus on heavy durable tool carrying solutions. So if you look at patches, for screwdrivers, snips, pliers, and hammers, and then also a selection of really innovative tool carrying bikes. So we're launching that this summer here on the Irish market, and we're really excited to have them on board. A lot of what they do a lot of what their focus marries in with the sneakers focus in terms of comfort, durability, and, and we're we're we're super excited to have him on board.

Fred Cooke 14:42
Derek, you're working with your job for 20 years now and you're like you're clearly so passionate about it, and it's incredible to see. So why well what drives your passion.

Derek 14:54
I suppose it's from being with the company from the get go on. Understanding that, you know, there was a drive there to succeed in terms of producing the best products available. And when I started, we probably had about five or six different styles of trousers in two different fabrics. And I won't, I won't use the word basic what they were for the time they were advanced. But looking back, they were quite basic. And just to see the growth and development, and the passion that goes into everything that's developed. I'm fortunate enough to know a lot of people in Sweden and head office in the product development. And a lot of them are there the same period of time as I am. So long term employees who have the same drive the same passion, and it's just basically driven through the whole company. And we're all aiming to get to the best out of what we possibly can and produce the best possible products for end users, trades people out on the markets.

Aidan Power 15:48
And Derek finally, for now, the products that you have at sneakers, are they all available? chadwicks.

Derek 15:53
Yes, we have the core products are available in Chatham. So you have your trousers, your T shirts, your jackets, the selection of those clothes, our footwear, we've got solid gear and toe guard footwear that's available in shattered sweat stores throughout the country. And if they don't have them in stock, you can order them from chadwicks online.

Aidan Power 16:08
Clearly very passionate. It's been good to chat with you, Derek, thank you for telling us all about the history of Snickers and the products that are still to come. But don't go anywhere because you're going to be taken on our podcast and just a few minutes.

Chadwicks 16:19
Trade top tips and Bandra This is the under construction podcast from chadwicks pledge getting done.

Aidan Power 16:28
We have a competition going on where we want to sort you out with something in Chadwick's that maybe it's a luxury around a wish list that you've always always wanted. But you don't want to drop a couple of 100 quid on it. We call that thing the Tula dreams. And each week we set Fred a challenge to come up with a jingle in the style of someone famous that the euros are on at the moment, Fred, if you've been watching any of the foot, the football, I have

Fred Cooke 16:51
been watching it. I'm very impressed, especially with the YouTubes new song with Martin Garrix. Yeah, savage because even though YouTube is like God, because even though he wasn't there, he was there. He was there in a hologram shining over everyone. So he's

Aidan Power 17:05
amazing. Okay, so at the opening ceremony, the YouTube performed well the edge and bonaero did with Mario Garrix. The ages there. Martin Garrix was there bhana was there but of course in typical bondo style, he was a hologram. It was this giant hologram in the stadium in Rome was seen as you mentioned, I was going to go with a football team thing, but I think maybe you could do something as Bano as your challenge this week. So Tula dreams. sell it to us, Fred in the style of Barnum, what do you think?

Fred Cooke 17:35
Okay. I can work out

Aidan Power 17:46
that's not bad. That's not bad. I gotta put you on the spot. Any other you do songs coming to mind? Okay, well, okay,

Fred Cooke 17:51
this is the one guitars you can you can argue this is a classic. Go on it. It's a beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
Again, get away. It's a beautiful tool.

Fred Cooke 18:06
So seven is your job today.

Aidan Power 18:12
I think you could top winner without tools. It's a beautiful tool. somehow think I'll be singing that in the shower someday. Now to get your tool of dreams. All we're asking you to do is send us a WhatsApp voice note. We your joke or indeed a funny story. 2087 7754 triple five. Now all the ones we use across the podcast series go in the draw next month to win. So here's this week's contender. It is David Galligan from Kevin.

Joke of the Week 18:37
The four main points. huge pile of Simon says to the loud, muscular Scotsman. You're in charge of the shoveling, to the slightly less muscular but still loud Italian man. He says you're in charge of sweeping under the skinny Chinese man. He says you're in charge of supplies. He then says Now I have to leave for a little while. I expect you man to make a dent in that I understand. So the phone line goes away for a couple of hours. And when he returned, the pile of sand is on he asked the Italian Why didn't you sweep by name? He replied. I have a no broom. May you said that the Chinese guy he was in charge of the supplies. But he has disappeared. I couldn't find them nowhere for rent. And so the Scotsman says I knew I talked to him to silver this poem applies. I did love but I couldn't get myself a shovel. You're left on read Chinese money in charge of supplies. But I couldn't find them anywhere. foreman is really pissed off our storms are towards the pirate side look for the Chinese game. As he approaches the man. The Chinese guy leaves out behind the sand and he has supplies.

Aidan Power 19:43
And I think it that is it. David Galligan thank you very much time in a place for these kinds of jokes. Brad any comments to make?

Fred Cooke 19:53
Unbelievable Yeah, I've been schooling Calvin and I think it could have even been that David Galligan and I tell you what, brilliant brilliant Acting had Super Mario

Oh Mario Luigi and I had Scotty from the Simpsons grind keep grinding keep on Willa and also how to I don't need to Chinese one was oh my god look I tell you what it was a great performance in this modern current client went you know reeling is this, you know, I might I might, I might do work for axence I don't know what my to vote for accent I don't know. It's a great joke. It made me laugh. And it's harmless. So I give it an eight out of 10. Now, I don't even give it a score. It's harmless disgrace.

Aidan Power 20:45
Well done. David, you're not quite cancel just yet. And you are a contender for joke of the week and to win the tool of dreams. If you would like to beat that. Send us a WhatsApp message. What your job 2087 7754 triple five. If you missed that number, it is in the show notes description.

Chadwicks 21:03
This is the under construction podcast from chadwicks. Ireland's leading builders, merchants and Home Improvement specialists.

Aidan Power 21:13
Now let's find out more about power tools which are the most popular of all what's been trending over the past few years and what is new in store and to tell us more. It's the man who manages all such things for chadwicks Jason Maher, welcome to the podcast. Jason

Fred Cooke 21:25
RNN. Hey, Fred, how are you? I'm delighted to have you, Jason.

Aidan Power 21:29
So Jason, if you're the man who manages power tools, what what's your job title?

Jason 21:33
So my job title is hardware category manager. So it was just one of the kind of categories involved but basically, it's it's everything inside the tattoo experience. So I don't look after anything in this in the shadow sites, basically, everything inside the shop,

Aidan Power 21:49
and how big is power tools? As a category for chadwicks?

Jason 21:53
Yeah, like pirated power tools will be one of our main categories, obviously, within that, and we you know, we stock everything in between your, your here, your DIY person that's, you know, just coming in to hang up a picture frame compared to everything right down to, you know, big, large commercial and developments of Yeah, pretty, pretty broad spectrum.

Fred Cooke 22:15
So between DIY and commercial, like, how many products do you carry in that category alone? Well, so

Jason 22:20
we probably at any one time, we'd have anywhere between 100 to authority between 50 and 100 products on display. But then what we do then using our, our supplier partners, we've got an excess of over 500 tools available to order teams, any branch or across the country. Wow,

Aidan Power 22:39
what are the big categories within that of Power Tools What are the most popular

Jason 22:42
so obviously a cordless drilling would obviously be the probably the number one category followed closely by you know, 1000 jigs, also, I suppose, cordless drills like to do everything from you know, putting a hole into the wall to drill in large sub floors and concrete apartment blocks of dirt under construction. So it's a it's a wide range and which is more popular, particularly when you're talking about power tools and the drills battery accord these days it's all cordless I suppose if you look at the if you look at the market share now with the market share is probably 80% of cordless to 20% cars. And over the last number of years. You know if I go back 10 years ago, that's it would probably have been around 5050 and what we're seeing is a there's a there's a large move away from car to tools, like a lot of a lot of new building sites. Don't allow corded tools on site anymore due to you know, there's extensions these generators there's one test solder strip hazards associated with power tools on site. So there's definitely been a real push over the last couple of years to cordless tools

Fred Cooke 23:52
what kind of battery stamina should you look for?

Jason 23:55
Yeah, it's it's it's it's always the question that has was everything many any any verticals for support any of our, our experts in our branches? The number one question is How long will I get over battery and it all depends on why you're using the tool for like the analogy I'll always give is if you if you went out tomorrow to buy an electric car, if you're if you're driving from Lucan temenos I you know a car would arrange 100 kilometers will do you but if you're going from Lucan to Galway everyday, you also need to carry this going to get to you know, 500 kilometers plus so, it all depends on what the individual user needs. Yeah. And that was said people be honest with themselves when when they're going out to buy your cordless tool. No, no what you want that tool to do. And does

Aidan Power 24:39
that apply to the brands you would buy as well? The better the brand, the more expensive Is it the better product?

Jason 24:45
aim it is? Well, like a lot, a lot of the brands nowadays would have you know, range architecture within within the rain. So obviously, if you look at the walls, which would obviously be seen to be you know, the Number one trade random power tools, they would have an entry level drill. So for the likes of myself for home here hanging up picture frames or you know, do damage to a few holes, they have a drill to care for that things, but equally, you know, right off to, you know, the large, you know, multi storey apartment blocks or shopping developments, shopping centers, developments that we've seen around the country at the moment, they will have drills drills to equally cover those needs as well. So, as I said, it all depends on what the customer is looking for.

Aidan Power 25:30
And Jason, is there a difference between brand names and the generic brands, let's say in terms of quality as well as price?

Jason 25:38
Yeah, as I said, look at all data, it all depends on, it all depends on on what your application is. And a lot of the brand names per se, they will give you, you know, longer guarantees, they'll give you, you know, they'll they'll tell you what the expected runtime of a battery is based on the application that you're doing. So if you're drilling, you know, a 10 mil hole in, in concrete, you know, all the day, they will tell you what the room time that is, when you get into generic brands, as I said, it's more down to, you know, the kind of hanging up pictures around the house or, you know, you're you're you're drilling holes for cable, it's true, you're Yeah, it's it, definitely the brand names will will probably give you more of a spec in terms of what you can expect from the table.

Aidan Power 26:31
Gotcha. Okay, and how does technology influence power drills and advanced them and enhanced them in the last number of years?

Jason 26:38
Yeah, well, like the innovation at the moment is all around the battery runtime and the power of so what we've seen, especially with the wall flex fold with a Milwaukee fuel Makita x 2x GXGD. Spirit, a tongue twister. And what we've seen with doe with those brands, in particular, we're now scaling up the tool, so to go from 18 volts, and the tool can flex up to 54 volts. And when we talk about voltage, voltage is all about the amount of torque. So obviously, if you're using the wild console, you need the extra torque in the battery. So that's where the innovation is led at the moment that we are looking at kind of large, larger voltages to power larger tools. Okay.

Aidan Power 27:26
And you know, the way they say now there's an app for that with everything is that technology like Bluetooth mobile phones, crossing over in any way with power tools.

Jason 27:35
Yeah, so there's some really, really cool innovative innovative features that are coming online in a number of the power tools. So like, if I look at the wall to connect system, which is a it's a Bluetooth built into the body of the tool, and it has a it has an app on your phone that will give you things when the tool was last seen, you can assign that tool to somebody who's used. So if you're a foreman on a site, you can assign that tool to somebody on the app. And a lot of them they'll have ring fence technology. So you can set up a ring fence around the the main office of 30 meters, if the tool passes beyond the 30 meters, you get a notification on your phone that hey, the tool is called me. So there's some really cool features and benefits that are common on the power tools. And, and so yeah,

Aidan Power 28:24
that's pretty cool. Anything else that's caught your attention that's on the horizon.

Jason 28:29
And, as I said, like, I think the big thing that I've seen this year and it's a it's a character to scroll into next year is garden power. So obviously the likes of Makita, Milwaukee, the wall are now bringing out their own range of garden tune products, which is great. So if you're, if you're on a building site, and you've got your DeWalt battery that you've used in your jigsaw, your drill your console, your miter saw, you're now bringing it home and even time you're putting it into your lawnmower and you're you're mowing your lawn you're doing your garden so so it's it's all the main brands are using their technology to to in different aspects of the home. So I think that's one big thing that is common.

Aidan Power 29:10
So Jason, it's been great chatting to you because you are Mr. Power Tools and chadwicks. But if I'm going to say my local branch and I want to know more about power tools, who should I ask for?

Jason 29:21
And yeah, and you any of any of our of our trade advisors out in the counter are the best people to talk to equally we've got some higher available in a number of locations and to be and to be honest, a number of the tools that we use and some hire are available to buy. So as I said to people, it's a great opportunity to go in to try your product, bring it home, hire a roofer today, and then if it's the one for you, then equally we can you can purchase for any of our colleagues.

Aidan Power 29:50
Jason, great to chat with you. Thanks for joining us. Thanks, man chairs

Chadwicks 29:55
under construction with Chadwick's over 40 stores nationwide. So we're all He's local.

Aidan Power 30:01
Now Derek from Snickers workwear is back with us. Derek you're about to play our pop quiz on behalf of a chadwicks customer this week it's Brian the plasterer from candy loud and if you win his prize will be a custom answering message sung by the one and only Fred cook show Fred What do you think rhymes or plaster or what can you do there?

Fred Cooke 30:19
I look straightaway I'm thinking Master Master of the plaster that's that's I have and then I don't know if he's a caster caster sugar I don't know how I'm gonna put that one in. So master caster,

Unknown Speaker 30:32

Aidan Power 30:35
Fred has plenty of work to do. But before that, Brian, so do you. You need to get three questions right in 60 seconds on the pod quiz. Here we go. Question one in the movie The Godfather? Was the horse's head real or not?

Fred Cooke 30:51
Real? Yes, it was Derek who was known as the dog father.

Aidan Power 30:58
Snoop Dogg is the right answer. How many different leg lengths do sneakers work trousers

Derek 31:04
come in? Three a standard 3030 to 35 and we can also give an option to 37 inch.

Fred Cooke 31:10
Okay, you get a bonus point for that well done. Five Liverpool captains have lifted the European Cup. They are endless news. Thompson great zones. Jordan Henderson. Who is the fifth.

Aidan Power 31:23
Stephen Girard correct is the right answer. I got to deduct a point for from Fred for his pronunciation of Graham soon has now What color is the earth wire in a standard plug? Green and yellow? Yes. gets in Derek mighty fine performance. Well done you you have got enough points for Brian the plasterer to get his very own song so Fred I hope you've worked at workshop that there while we were doing the quiz. You ready?

Fred Cooke 31:55
I was really hoping you wouldn't get to do so. Well

Aidan Power 31:57
here we go for Fred.

Fred Cooke 32:00
Here we go. You reached the phone up Brian from loud I'm the grievous plaster so leave a message you know cuz I'm so proud. I am the master of the plaster on the master of the plaster leave a message. No Kassar,

Aidan Power 32:25
but we got the master, you had the master Fred. Well done. Well on the Fred and well done to Derek and once again, thanks for being with us on the podcast. Thank you both so much. Appreciate it. Now if you would like Fred to do your voicemail message you can just send us a WhatsApp 2087 7754 triple five and once again, you will find that number in the show description.

Chadwicks 32:45
This is the under construction podcast from Chadwick's. Let's get it done. Well, that's

Aidan Power 32:51
it for this week. Fred,

Unknown Speaker 32:52
what did we learn?

Fred Cooke 32:54
Well, I think what we learned is you've got Snickers to work where and then you've got Snickers the chocolate bar but putting a Snickers inside of a Snickers doesn't constantly each other out.

Aidan Power 33:04
You're going deep well thank you to Derek TC from Snickers workwear to Jason Marfan chadwicks. And of course to you for listening. Remember, if you want our WhatsApp number to win our competition, or send us in your photo of the week, our contact details are in the show notes. Along with all the details and links for our show today. We will be back with another podcast next Monday. And remember to hit the Follow button on your podcast app to get under construction every week. Until next time for me Aiden power and Fred cook Have a great week.


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