Podcast Playbook

Over the years, we have learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t work and how to create a streamlined efficent podcast production process.

We've put it all in our detailed 30 page PODCAST PLAYBOOK which you can have right now, for free.

This is the exact system we use to consistently create broadcast quality podcasts week in and week out. It’s also the book we give to a new producer when they join our team.

The Podcast Playbook gives you a detailed run down of the five main stages of production:


The three questions you must ask before you even start
The different podcast formats you can choose from
The key ingredient which brings a podcast production together

The importance of the running order and how to make one
How to prep your guests for a flawless performance
Why research works

The best locations to record for a full broadcast quality sound
How to avoid Zoom/Skype dropouts and bubbly sound recordings
Priceless professional editing tips
Learn what mastering is and why it is so important if you podcast is going on Apple or Spotify
How to write magnetic Show Notes

Use our secret SEO weapon to drive traffic to your website
How and where to market your show and drive listeners to your podcast
The full lowdown on writing a killer podcast summary

How to use solid metrics to measure your podcasts success
Things Apple or Spotify don’t tell you about their charts
Why trends are your most important friend

Why podcasts fail and how to avoid the pitfalls

The book is an unmissable guide for new podcasters so you can start making your own to professional standard from day one. For others, it’s a glimpse behind the microphone.

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